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Skyrim Mod: Requiem - The Introduction

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Requiem http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/19281/? Requiem - The Introduction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1AVfsqMFZg Part I - The Leveling System http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oDY9MAK6IM Part II - Skills and Perks http://youtu.be/Nf1T8kcToAI Part III - Magic http://youtu.be/zI28boDpIVo Part IV - Combat and Attributes http://youtu.be/n7ytQUm8IpY Part V - Atmosphere http://youtu.be/hFkhtLzceOA Part VI - Items http://youtu.be/8AR2lSwoF6U Part VII - Finale http://youtu.be/a1J9miGFMH4 Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (672)
JacksTip (8 days ago)
"Hello and welcome to Brodual"... One of my favorite things to hear across the entire internet.
Know Never (4 months ago)
FOR THE SAKE OF MODDING... DO *NOT* USE REQUIEM - THE ROLEPLAYING OVERHAUL!!! The mod is staggeringly glitchy in every possible aspect I can think of. Spells simply glitch out and turn uncastable for absolutely no reason, archers one-shot ANYTHING in light armor. The combat animations are ridicoulously sped up, so if you`re one of the unlucky few that experience the mysterious input lag (unsolved to this very day, no V-Sync is not causing it, nor does the framerate) meele combat becomes absolutely broken (especially with two-handed weapons, I once counter for morbidity and I clicked the left mouse 18 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) times before the game even realized it or responded to it). I don`t even want to go on. Anyone who didn`t use Requiem before - DON`T. You`re not missing out on anything, other than a fuckton of glitches and ridicoulously unbalanced gameplay. Oh, and after installing Requiem, every single mod you install will require you to re-patch your entire load order.
Asani (3 months ago)
​+Know Never Alright this is my third time writing this since I accidentally hit the back button on my mouse twice so I'm just gonna rush through it. Name a game that can provide a coherent and immersive roleplaying experience while making the player and NPCs follow the same rules while being both challenging and fun but not BS I've never experienced input lag while playing skyrim, streamers/youtubers I've watched never experienced it, and I don't know anyone personally who has. If you're under 60fps or have high ms response times on your mouse, keyboard, or monitor it's gonna cause input lag. Requiem doesn't speed anything up, don't know where you get that idea from Light armour is better than heavy armour in every way except for early game, even then if you're good at the game and know how to play light armour properly then it's better no matter what. I don't know where you get the idea that leather armour can stop arrows, there's literally nothing to suggest that, especially when arrows shot from long bows were able to penetrate plate armour. Not sure where you are getting these levels from, I can take down bandit camps at level 1 no matter what the build. The fact that you are bringing up taking damage in light armour shows you know nothing about it. It's renamed to evasion for a reason, you're supposed to evade. Now I can understand if you're playing without attack commitment (you really should have it installed, it's one of those mods that should be in your loadorder no matter what) and getting hit before the dodge perk, but otherwise it's your fault for getting hit. Get better. Simple as that Invest in some health or better armour if you're still being one shot at level 20 by bandits, that's pretty pathetic. That or do what evasion is supposed to do and EVADE. If bolts are doing no damage then either you're below 10% max stamina causing you to do little to no damage or you have a mod conflict . Yeah mages are OP. It's almost as if people who can LITERALLY bend reality are gonna be stronger than someone just swinging a big hammer around. Requiem is a mod meant for a ROLEPLAYING EXPERIENCE. Balance comes second to making a coherent world that follows the lore. Any build is viable, some take longer than others to get to "god" status, but no matter what the build you'll get there. There's no need for any "grinding" unless you consider doing anything outside of the main quests grinding. Because then you should not be playing open world games at all. I've never had to grind or exploit the game engine so again, this is just you being bad at the game and blaming it on the game for not handing everything to you on a silver platter. If your only goal is just to min-max and beat the main quest as inferred from by the "or go mage and beat Requiem by level 15" then Requiem without AZTweaks is probably not for you You clearly have no idea what you're talking about and spent probably about an hour with Requiem before you rage quit. Literally all of this could have been solved simply by reading the manual and/or spending 5 minutes reading the "Getting Started" section of the side panel on the Requiem Subreddit. Oh and watch this video and tell me how light armour requires you to be above level 15 to just start taking down bandit camps; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBmw-tu054Qven
Know Never (3 months ago)
+Asani ​ "An experience you can`t get from any other AAA game" My. Ass. Crack. (The Skyrim input lag is not related to neither your mouse or your keyboard, it`s the game engine itself, you utter idiot. Requiem speeds everything up, therefore further magnifying the lag.) Sure, Requiem is better than vanilla Skyrim. Thing is, being better than vanilla Skyrim is about as indicative of quality as being better than GTA. You play a heavy armored warrior, you steamroll the game with next to no effort. Level 6 and you`re clearing out bandit camps. A light armored warrior? Not even at level 15, an absolute handicapped cripple build, dimensionally inferior, you take tons of damage with no pros until you`re at least at 8O skill points of light armor. Archers one-shotting you? I even hear people saying "for muh immersion". Hardened leather armor stops arrows, reality check. What mirror dimension did they compare it to? And for the sake of the gameplay, it should not one-shot you on level 2O, man. Have it do significant damage or overtime bleeding or something, but not murder you. While I`m shooting crossbow bolts into bandits in iron armor and it barely scratches them... Or go with a mage, it`s even more OP than a tank. You might as well make a mage build, reach level 15 and you`re basically done, Requiems challenge aspect ends right there, you`ll barely run into any serious encounters. Some builds are OP beyond challenge, others make you grind your life away and force you to exploit the games broken outdated engine. Requiem is a glorified break-fest with completely unbalanced builds. It has some nice ambient touches and tweaks that I would credit it for, but the mod itself is just rotten to the core. Anyone reading this: Stay using standalone mods only. Might make your loard order longer than a horse phallus on Cialis, but you can adjust and create challenging and balanced gameplay. Only it won`t be called "Requiem". Sounds cool, must be great too, right? Left.
Asani (3 months ago)
Spell costs increase when you are low on stamina or if you are wearing armour without battle mage perks Archers one shotting isn't a bug, requiem introduces arrow resistance which light armor before Elven has little to none of Don't blame the mod as "buggy" because YOU have input lag, get a better mouse and keyboard Anyone who hasn't used Requiem before check it out, it's an experience you can't get from any other AAA game and if you enjoy it, you won't be able to play without it. Just be prepared to unlearn all everything you learned from vanilla.
Primedragoon (6 months ago)
Hey there from the future. What the fuck? Just take the intro down if you haven't done any of the other videos damnit.
JTO1214 (10 months ago)
Is this mod on Skyrim se for xbox one?
Jeffrey Croft (11 months ago)
I remember when I put this mod in my game without knowing anything about it lol. I was like wtf is going on
The Dreamerz (1 year ago)
Best mod I ever played, it's a must to play.
B0p G0d (1 year ago)
To people complaining: Play Morrowind. Come back and enjoy.
Jose Leon (1 year ago)
You should do an updated video for Requiem given the new 2.0.1 release
Kei Dojima (1 year ago)
Most useless video of I ever seen, He's beating around the bush for getting views on the videos series rather then talking on the point and making it in one small video which says almost all within 5 min. Unscubbed.
Monk (1 year ago)
I'd try requiem if I wasnt already using SkyRe.
jazzj2 (1 year ago)
try to start out as a conjurer who summons skeletons, but only has light armor and not enough magicka to use his spells. barely get to level 3, i can finally summon a weak skeleton for 24 seconds who dies in 1-2 hits and yet drains more than half my mana. if i wear anything other than cloth my spells end up costing more than my magicka. i abuse horses and manage to kill well geared bandits, get a full orcish armor set and yet mudcrabs can still destroy me while i barely do damage FUN AND BALANCED
jazzj2 (1 year ago)
it does get better overtime. eventually i killed some necromancers and got a scroll from them to summon a skeleton, which was at least 5 times cheaper in mana cost than the spell i had, and it lasted way longer too. it still feels a bit absurd that 1-2 arrows are enough to kill me though
Asani (1 year ago)
Without the evasion spell casting perk your spells will cost more than usual. The Skeleton isn't as good as the ghostly wolf but it should not die in 1-2 hits unless you are fighting stuff that is too strong for you, summons in early game are usually used as tanks or distractions anyways. If it is draining more than half your magicka you probably chose a race that started with a small amount of magicka or you were low on stamina which increases spell costs. Again, you need spell casting perks in the heavy armour and evasion skill tree. You're just lying about a mudcrab killing you in Orcish armour unless you went to the mudcrab island and fought the giant one. I'm assuming you switched from using spells to weapons, you need at least the first perk before using a weapon type or you will get a damage reduction while using it. I'm not sure where you get the idea that that requiem is a "balance" mod. It's a roleplaying mod, it makes everything realistic from a TESLore standpoint It is a fun mod if instead of bitching that you can't kill dragons after 1 hour of playing you actually learn how to play. Requiem is basically a new game, you need to forget all of the bad habits you have learned from Vanilla.
Dawn of Mike (1 year ago)
What most dont realize is how this mod makes those spirits that appear in winterhold make sense. In vanilla, they can have more HP than the games superbosses just because of your level. But they should be weak, and with requiem dealing with them is a whole lot easier.
Heinz Conti Zacherl (1 year ago)
Hi Brodual i know that maybe u said this a million times already but i would really like to see wich graphics setup you have in this video for example, thats how i would like mi skyrim to look like, i wopuld really preaciate any indications on how to achieve so, thanks and your still the best!
Ben Hramiak (1 year ago)
why isn't this on steam?
Dragon Blade (1 year ago)
I want to download this mod so much but i'm afraid it will conflict with the other 50 mods i have installed............
Wildan (1 year ago)
Installing Requiem as I'm typing this for a brand new Skyrim VR experience through Oculus Rift and VorpX. Praise the looooord, fucking coooool, oh my goooood, me gustaaaaa!
Yuevie (1 year ago)
Have you personally played with Requiem a decent amount?
Walter Berger (2 years ago)
I installed this mod and every character that can't be kill (because they have importance to quests) is missing their body. There hand head and feet are there still though. Does anyone know how to fix it?
Tim Moore (2 years ago)
How did they find a Wood Elf to narrate this?
Renan Braga (2 years ago)
is it normal stamina draining during running after installing Requiem? (not sprinting)
Asani (1 year ago)
If you're wearing an armour type without the first perk in it's perk tree.
Hazztech (2 years ago)
I just want to be able to move out of the way of enemy attacks
B0p G0d (2 years ago)
This comes in modules, right?
sauerj13 (2 years ago)
The wall disappearing @ 3:00. Typical skyrim.
Kostadin Hadjidinev (2 years ago)
My problem with this mod is how huge of a powerspike the daedric items are and how easy the game becomes after you get one and how boring it gets lategame where you just fireball your path through the whole dungeon without stop cuz the enemies are as strong as they were in lvl 1. Also alchemy is even more exploitable than in vanilla and you can still craft potion of 70000 dmg.
BonDieu617 (2 years ago)
>Squishy level 12 conjurer >Suddenly Dragonpriest Volsung >Grabs Word of Power and gtfo *VICTORY*
RadicalWizard (2 years ago)
This fucking mod is so hard god why did i install it i cant go on any longer
Infernowo (2 years ago)
sLoThZ (2 years ago)
the very start when your in the cart is unimmersive for 2 reasons... 1. how does ulfric have dragon scale armor when they dont even know dragons exist yet? 2. how did the imperials manage to capture him when he has powerful armor...
sLoThZ (2 years ago)
huh 1st is closest explanation im probably ever going to get
WolfWarlordJake (2 years ago)
1. Ulfric could've bought or scavenged the few Dragon scales remaining in the world (not the best explanation, but it's something). 2. Ulfric surrendered. He was outnumbered and didn't want his men to die.
Cobaltblue (2 years ago)
How come DS3 is easier than Requiem?
Ecks Dhee (1 year ago)
Cobaltblue and..... Ds3 leans towards new players
Ecks Dhee (1 year ago)
Cobaltblue because basically it's artificial difficulty
Panda LoL (2 years ago)
it says it requests dawnguard dlc but i dont have it will that be aproblem
Aegon II (2 years ago)
which mod are you using in this vídeo for the letter font? It looks pretty cool. Someone?
andres fernandez (2 years ago)
i had fun with it until i started to have problems with carring weight...so i had to take it of :(
BonDieu617 (2 years ago)
Try Bandolier mod, lets you craft pouches so I can carry around 500 stuff on my mage character
Andrew Walle Johansen (2 years ago)
Help all of my mods are gone beserk and it says "Missing Master" and on that it says "Download following plugins; Requiem.esp and vampirelordroyal.esp" I dont understand. I never needed it to run "Better vampire" mod with these mods installed.
Andrew Walle Johansen (2 years ago)
+Matt Washer thanks. I will looking trough the patches when I have time for it. glad you could help me out :)
Mr House (2 years ago)
Andreas Walle Johansen you might have downloaded a compatibility patch which means that you need to just disable the patches
Syed (2 years ago)
How's this mod list? Tell me your opinion or anything to add to make it better. And pls pls tell me whether the list I made is compatible. 1) Requiem 2) Holds city overhaul 3) Immersive patrols mod 4) Gaurd dialoge overhaul
cihat gürlükoğlu (2 years ago)
oh my dear brother i installed 330+ mods including requiem and hdt mods and i can still run my game stable don't get scared from mod apocalypse you will enjoy at the end
Syed (2 years ago)
Frosty Mac Oh wow thx! guess im adding two more mods to my legendary edition.
Frosty Mac (2 years ago)
SkyUI is far more useful than that. It makes the UI better for computers, yes. However, it also comes with the MCM, or the Mod Configuration Menu, which allows you to change settings for mods that have MCMs. Some mods actually require SkyUI. Keep in mind that SkyUI requires SKSE.
Syed (2 years ago)
Frosty Mac Skyrim UI just changes the way the inventory thingy looks right? if thts the case ill just download the unofficial patch instead.
Frosty Mac (2 years ago)
That's a rather small modlist, so it should near definitely be stable. You should definitely add the Unofficial Patch and SkyUI to the list though.
Calm that DOWN (2 years ago)
this or skyrim redone?
legacysage (2 years ago)
For the sheer fact that I've seen a weapon fly out of a persons hand twice in this short clip, I think I'll pass. Don't get me wrong, I understand the concept of being disarmed, but it really hurts when a weapon you put a bunch of time and money into phases through the planet, and it hurts even more to scramble around in combat looking for something that isn't there anymore, and end up dying as a result.
hard2get81 (2 years ago)
70 mods. requiem and 9hrs is what i needed to get it running :) totally worth it. peace
HanoverFiste3 (2 years ago)
Damn it.. My weapon!!
Ragnarok (2 years ago)
i wanted to know what is the outro song... . _ .
Doctor (2 years ago)
I wish the creator would break these parts into separate mods. Like the loot of it being non-levelled or enemeies as well. But no we have to get the entire fucking mod.
Artemis Wyrm (2 years ago)
I joke about Star Citizen never coming out myself but that game currently has more gameplay than No Mans Sky :T
Jackson Richie (2 years ago)
I'm having trouble in the beginning of the game during the title screen.
Chrispy. (2 years ago)
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm going to assume that this and SkyRe requires the script extender. I want a mod like this for my play threw of Skyrim Special edition. Any suggestions?
Chrispy. (2 years ago)
+TR-8R Ok, thank you. But I actually have a gaming PC on the way anyway.
Deus Vult (2 years ago)
im sorry to say but huge overhauls like this definitely require script extenders.
Danieл (2 years ago)
What's your font?
dakotagau (2 years ago)
Why didn't you just make one massive video? More views, i'm guessing?
no (2 years ago)
people could just be looking for something specific; like ,for example, magic overhaul, leveling system, etc.
LadyConqueress (2 years ago)
He literally explained at the beginning
Nicholas Serfontein (2 years ago)
It's way easier to manage, it is clearer, it doesn't put off viewers who see a massive video. It probably does get them more views, but it is more concise.
44 Don (2 years ago)
Kirill Popov (2 years ago)
Can someone tell me the name of the ENB?
anonym (2 years ago)
I loved the way you said "if you are seeing this in the future" also nice introduction mate looking forward to the rest
Yiglic Persfactious (2 years ago)
This mod seems to really reward grinding.
Jadeia (2 years ago)
I've been looking forward to 1.9.4 - making my next LP series based on this! Great work guys - amazing contribution to the Skyrim community - thank you.
Daaz (2 years ago)
What is the mod for dragonbone armor ulfric weared?
Jesus Bobadilla (2 years ago)
download immersive armors by hothtrooper
A tad Bit edgy (3 years ago)
any one else get a "can't find your plugins.txt"when running it's java program,I'm using windows 10 with NMM please help
Clemens Hoste (3 years ago)
0:49 ''ovehaul'' *facepalms*
Gadiel Cedeño (3 years ago)
666 Comments, Im out...
Marcus Aurelius (3 years ago)
Playing on Legendary alone stresses me the fuck out, if I get this this mod it will probably be the death of me
thor thorsen morell (2 years ago)
The lower the ingame difficulty, that way you'll still have a challenge, but a funnier sort of challenge
Rynosaur94 (3 years ago)
To everyone complaining about how hard Requiem is. Yes, at level one with no perks you are pretty much helpless. You are scum and bandit fodder. That makes sense, no? An untrained, inexperienced peasant should not be able to slaughter his way through the game. That said, with the right use of the first three perks you could do it at level one. There's a guy on the reddit that's beat the whole damn game at level one. But once you hit level 5~7 depending on your build, then you become on par with a bandit in most respects, but with far more options. As you hit more and more milestone levels you'll become so powerful that only Dragons and Dragonpreists can really touch you, though if you lose focus, a clever bandit with a hammer can still do devastating damage. Requiem is not for everyone, but if you want Skyrim to feel more like Morrowind then you should try it.
Valdetiosi (2 years ago)
+WakeMeUp Agreeing with this. The 3 perks would be alright, if it would at least come with skill bonuses to chosen skilltrees or at least starter equipment to compensate.
WakeMeUp (2 years ago)
You can be op as hell in the beginning of Morrowind if u really know what you are doing but is still better the requiem perk system. I wish they give u more choices at the character creation without needing another mod.
Valdetiosi (2 years ago)
Yes, you start off with three perk points, not skill points. That is for the basics and all fine itself, it is just not a class system that was used in previous games. Yes, they are, but the class system specifically makes you boosted up for particular fields of interest, which you would aim for. And you start with extra spells, at Oblivion too, if you had tagged one of the schools of magic. And don't get me started upon Daggerfall's class system, which rivals out everyone of the TES game ever.
Rynosaur94 (2 years ago)
You must have had your difficulty turned down. At default settings, mudcrabs are about on par with the level 1 PC in Morrowind, especially if you don't know how to manage stamina or magicka well. Or maybe you're just very good at optimizing the custom class. I know a warrior with the right race can begin with a weapon skill in the 60s, which is pretty good. But yes, the lack of the Class system does hinder Requiem a bit, which is why I use it with LAL, to give a starting boost, in combonation with the starting perk points, and make new playthroughs more fun. People, who are much more patient than I, have killed Alduin while remaining at level 1 in Requiem by turning EXP gain off. It's possible, but difficult. The point of Requiem is not to be difficult, but to allow more options in your Character progression by making builds more unique, and giving these builds an unleveled and challenging world to test themselves against.
WolfWarlordJake (2 years ago)
+Valdetiosi Don't you start off with three skill points to use in Requiem? Also, aren't classes moreso a guideline for skills and specialization? Even if you choose mage as a class in Morrowind, you didn't excel in it, and had to train. Hell, I'm not even sure if you start of with extra spells if you go with that class.
Forcedminer (3 years ago)
Frustrating as Fuck mod.........for both installing and trying to play. i install the mod get a new character up and running go past Valtheim Towers 50 bandits..........that then instantly conjure 50 wolfs....what the actual fuck.....then followed by fireballs that instantly kill me. at this point i seriously just want to call bullshit uninstall this mods and be done with it not an hour in. so i try again......im sneaking past the towers....i shoot a sneaky arrow get some sneak skill up... a frost spider appears and spots me.......INSTANTLY MAGICALLY REALISTICALLY IMMERSIVELY sends a magical message to all 50 million bandits at Valtheim tower who all instantly translate silent spider noises and tell each other of this without moving their lips they all notice me followed by spawning 50 million wolfs followed by waves of fireballs again.... sigh.................i hope this mod gets better with some levels...........
ChickenCatch (1 year ago)
Nightmare (2 years ago)
Liam Gratehouse (3 years ago)
Can't wait to try this mod, but firstly, if you do not mind, what graphical (water, natural, armor, etc.) retexture mods do you use? I have tried many, but your's looks much better, and I am unsure what it is. Please help, and thanks.
Jesus Bobadilla (2 years ago)
search this "skyrim brodual our mod list"
SkinnyCommie99 (3 years ago)
God fucking damn it its really been 2,5 years since this video was uploaded ?!
SkinnyCommie99 (3 years ago)
+Kayo  It's crazy. I remeber watching this video after coming home from school when I was in 8th grade.
ktr01 (3 years ago)
+r3v4n21 I just realised Skyrim came out in 2011. Um what
Veemie (3 years ago)
Hardest part about requiem is installing it.
Acel (2 months ago)
Completely fucking true
Acel (11 months ago)
Veemie true hahaha
wu1ming9shi (1 year ago)
How to install it is but what mods are compatible with it, without destroying the entire balance of the game, is not.
EX0stasis (2 years ago)
+Butterghost I never said I was getting crashing. Even without Savegame Script Scalpel. Thanks for telling me about that by the way. I've had some time to think more about this today though, and I think it just comes down to the fact that I actually enjoy the process of modding Skyrim, that I tend to take my time. I've even spent up to 100 hours modding Skyrim to the point were I got it perfect, and then I had no interest in actually playing the game. I had already won the game, the game of modding Skyrim. :)
FrozenWolf150 (3 years ago)
I have a few tips for anyone who finds Requiem too daunting or difficult: * You will not be able to master every single skill, so pick a few and specialize in them. The reason for this is, once you max out a single skill, it becomes insanely powerful. If you max Destruction, for example, you'll get a 10x magnitude multiplier, which will let you nuke an entire fort of enemies in one shot. * One vanilla game strategy that still works is to invest in the 3 crafting skills, as well as Speech. These will let you control the game's economy, and having tons of money opens up a lot of opportunities. * Get a horse ASAP. They're faster and can carry your stuff, mounted combat gives you a large damage bonus, and you can trample your enemies to death. They cost 6,000 though, so you'll want to save up. * Get a Hearthfire home ASAP. They're actually way cheaper than in vanilla, and Lakeview has the easiest prerequisite quest. Then you can plant a garden and use that to raise Alchemy. * Do a lot of bandit quests early on. Bandits are cannon fodder, and will remain so throughout the game. * Take advantage of the recycling system. If you recycle everything you can, you'll end up with a ton of materials for Smithing. * Get the Wabbajack early (watch out for the invisible entity) and you'll unlock a new cooking recipe, which will make raising Enchanting a lot easier. * Becoming a werewolf or vampire lord will make you a lot more powerful than in the vanilla game. * Use other mods along with Requiem. Many popular mods have compatibility patches for Requiem, and as long as the mods themselves are balanced, they shouldn't break Requiem.
FrozenWolf150 (2 years ago)
+TheSureTeam True, it's just that the Winterhold horse is the only free one you don't have to steal, and the shrines in Requiem only work if you haven't murdered or stolen anything. There's also a horse to the west of Whiterun outside an unmarked bandit camp, though it must also be stolen. Unlike in the vanilla game, the guards will notice if you get on a stolen horse in front of them.
TheSureTeam (2 years ago)
+FrozenWolf150 About the horse, you can just do the quest that give you frost if you kill the man at the end or intimidate him, it isn't a hard quest at all and gives you a free horse
Zurro091 (3 years ago)
Your game looks Nice
houji saifeddine (3 years ago)
are you using only requiem mod for this video or there are other mods included as well?
sheltomlee (3 years ago)
Wow, after playing it for awhile, I don't really have one good thing to say about this overhaul. It's the most monotonous, borderline pretentious, mod I've ever played. Taking away the leveled lists might seem interesting at first, but after you reach lvl 30 or so, you realize the only thing this mod accomplished was highlighting the original problems in difficulty the vanilla version had. Here's why: At first, you're so weak that you can't even stand in one spot with a piece of heavy armor on and not have all of your endurance drain away. It's literally that retarded. You're so weak at first, that a wolf bite, a mudcrab pinch, or a slaughterfish nibble does incredible, tremendous, fatal damage, even through light or heavy armor. That means you have to save and load and replay areas that you've already played through and that are not exciting at all dozens of times likely. However, since the game no longer levels along with you, later on, when you hit about lvl 30 or so, you become nearly omnipotent, all powerful, able to flick away 99% of all opponents, most of them with just one shot. Why? Because now the script has flipped, and without a way to boost the levels of the monsters in the game, with every level you gain, you are simply leaving them farther and farther behind.
Lord Moose (3 years ago)
They say it's to not make the world about the player. Sure as shit becomes about the player later on when you're playing God.
Svenner (3 years ago)
I'd use this, if it didn't conflict with the Ordinator perk overhaul. Tis a shame.
Alan Crome (3 years ago)
Should there be a battle mage in the helgan keep?
Carlos Bowser (3 years ago)
it makes me crash
ThePieMan (3 years ago)
your sharpened steel sword does nothing but tickle the wolf, while his bite nearly kills you even through steel armor. SO FOOKING IMMERSIVE AAWWHHHGAAASH
Hyper Gaming (1 month ago)
+CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG You sound so dumb for saying that, that shit Is only in movies, a sword WILL have shallow cuts and they'd barely do anything if the user Is shit at using the sword. Stop attacking the guy.
googlewolly (10 months ago)
CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG I dunno, man. An aggressive wolf would be tougher than you think
Masta Emil Stop fucking pretending to know what you're talking about. A sword is a fucking sharp metal rod. Literally anyone with working arms could use one to kill a mid sized animal on their first try.
Vymi (1 year ago)
While you were having premarital sex i was mastering the blade. While you sought vanity i studied the ancient art of sword wielding... and now that level zones are restrictive and the forsworn are at the gate you have the audacity to come to ME for help?
Masta Emil (1 year ago)
Have you wielded a sword in real life? The one-handed skill in Elder scrolls essentialy improve your character's ability when it comes to handling edge alignment and impact force. If you have absolutely no skill in wielding a sword at all, your cuts will be much less effective, as you're not properly striking with the edge. Sure, the edge will hit first, and you'll cut into them, but the angle will be off a bit, meaning the force is more quickly dispersed, ending in a much more shallow cut.
Trunks (3 years ago)
I love using this with a Assortment of Star Wars mods like Star Wars Race Mod, Magicka Sabers and Jedi robes because I Altered  the damage of the Lightsabers to do 250 damage But In Exchange for that I can only wear the jedi Robes and with this its a great fit Since I also made it so blocking with the weapon negates ALL damage and Also using Way of the Force makes the game basically a Star Wars Game :)
Nobody Nothing (3 years ago)
I'm okay with getting rekt in the tutorial level so long as I have my escape buddy to protect me. But when they get rekt... that's the one thing I'd change. Make the escape buddies in the tutorial level much stronger, massive pain in the ass otherwise. Was tougher than any other Skyrim experience.
ur mum (2 years ago)
Nexecute [Ben] sounds like you could use the alternate start mod.
Brian Colfxire (3 years ago)
To perfectly sum up my thoughts on this mod (combined with Frostfall, Necessities & Diseases, and Hunterfall), I spent ten to fifteen minutes fighting two well-armed bandits (one with a great axe and another with a bow and dagger). I died many times. Mostly due to the archer, which I ran out of arrows avoiding a horde of wolves and spiders fighting amongst each other while I ran away to Windhelm for the Jarl. And when I savored that sweet taste of victory I realized I only killed two bandits. Can't wait to get rekt at the dungeons.
Marcus Cartier (3 years ago)
It's been 2 years since you first talked about Requiem. Would you mind doing an update video?
Ameritard (11 months ago)
I AM JESUS Dammit yo I was gonna say that when I saw this
Meaty McBeaty (1 year ago)
It's been 2 years since this comment. Would you mind an update comment?
Kaylan Wade (3 years ago)
+Jack Ares X2 As of February 9th 2016 it has still been updated too
TheKappa (3 years ago)
Overhaul for masochists
Cancer Police (1 year ago)
Man of Culture >Same retards also think having skill in Skyrim mean something
>retards here think grinding in an RPG is a skill
BroBroNelly (1 year ago)
Listen, if being called a noob means I can actually have fun with my game, you can call me a noob all you want.
Baroz ϟϟ (1 year ago)
Good job, BroBroNelly. Requiem is not for noob.
BroBroNelly (1 year ago)
I did. I finally uninstalled it and switched to Enai's mods. Best fucking decision I've ever made. I can actually play Skyrim again.
Zykilph (3 years ago)
Why do draugers have shouts at the start of the game :/
Something Compass (3 years ago)
+Zykilph Why should they not have shouts? Requiem gives every enemy the same abilities you have, including shouts, potions, enchants, spells, etc. Some enemies have abilities you can never have, just because they are bigger and badder than you. That is part of the fun of playing Requiem. So Yes, drauger with shouts are a thing.
MajesticInsanity (3 years ago)
level world? oh, you mean scaling.
Gaming Link Media (3 years ago)
Phew, this mod is a total pain in the keester! But I love it so much more than vanilla, even with frostfall and RND added. Gives Skyrim the much needed intense survival element it sorely needed.
Something Compass (3 years ago)
+CanadianAVIC I also can never go back to vanilla skyrim. I agree that Requiem is just a much more intense experience at every level. It is the game that I always wanted skyrim to be.
Gaming Link Media (3 years ago)
Quite true.
Erroka (3 years ago)
+AVIC it makes the game "hard" what i love
Shanedragonborn 1 (3 years ago)
Do you have a mod that made the iron armor darker or is that a part of requiem?
Lick Cali (2 years ago)
Old I know but thats most likely amidianborn.
OldeVikingOriginal (3 years ago)
I have tried to combine SkyRes perk tree with Requiems gameplay mechanics but damn its hard. I succeeded once but i ran into a problem that messed up the game completely. I wish that this was a thing, I dont really like the simpleness of Requiems perk tree but i also dont like the mechanics of SkyRe. :(  But i still cant leave Requiem, the gamefeel is just too great. Wherever i go i cant feel safe. Feels somewhat like Dark Souls.
Crankston Shnord (3 years ago)
"The Roleplaying Ovehaul" LOL @ 0:49
Richardsen (3 years ago)
I do like the idea.
Richardsen (3 years ago)
+LaissezAllerCompass Don´t worry, it is on my top ten to-do for Skyrim. I have seen it recommended by other people aswell, people whose opinion I deeply trust.
Something Compass (3 years ago)
+Richardsen I hope you give Requiem a try. I found it to be even more interesting than this series by Brodual suggests. There are so many new and interesting things to do and find, and it is a completely different experience than vanilla, adding so many good features that it feels like a different (and better) game. I can't imagine going back to vanilla.
bob bob (3 years ago)
Its been two years.. and im the only one that caught that it said "The Roleplaying Ovehaul" at 0:45  Wow
Samniss Arandeen (3 years ago)
I used Requiem for a little while. Then uninstalled it. Most of Requiem feels like some Morrowfag decided Skyrim wasn't the Morrowind 2 he wanted.
El Catto (9 months ago)
This mod is almost nothing like Morrowind. You never played it, did you? Fucking Skyrim fanboys
Youngerhampster (3 years ago)
+Vlad Julian My god bloodmoon... 
Arena1999 (3 years ago)
+Vlad Julian Becoming an "overpowered demigod in Morrowind" took way more time to accomplish than becoming an OP Jack-Of-All-Trades demigod in Skyrim. +Samniss Arandeen Wow, "Morrowfag" really speaks wonders for your maturity and intellect.
Something Compass (3 years ago)
+Tyler Vincent I hope you give Requiem a try. It is an amazing and intense mod. I can't imagine ever going back to vanilla. It does have a rather long and steep learning curve, but if you give it some time it will reward you with some great experiences.
Tyler Vincent (3 years ago)
+Samniss Arandeen I really can't disagree. That's why I want to try it.
• ZoRHa • (3 years ago)
This overhaul is fun to play once in a while, but if I had to choose Perkis Maximus and Requeim, PERKIS MAXIMUS BY A MILE. Requeim just doesn't offer that much beyond the normal perks n' powers of vanilla Skyrim. And BTW, you want hard? You want difficulty? Well then, use these mods to make your Skyrim more challenging! Revenge of the Enemys-this will increase the A.I of all NPCs in the game, making them smarter and actually allow them to put up quite a fight. Deadly Dragons- Now, dragons won't be pushovers like they are in Vanilla Skyrim. Sands of Time- Now, whenever you fast-travel, sleep, wait, etc. There is a chance you might get ambushed. Hell, even if you're simply walking somewhere, you might get attacked by a high-level werewolf boss. This mod will keep you on your toes while adventuring. SkyTweak- Go to the Combat menu and increase the damage that's done to you. I assure you, Skyrim will be much more punishing and brutal then...
bravetherainbow (3 years ago)
Is there an actual video of you guys dancing like the characters at the ends of the videos?
Tunahan Yetmez (3 years ago)
Can somebody help me? Ever since ive installed this mod i haven't been able to talk to any child npc. When they talk to me as the city guards do, their name cant be seen on subtitles, only the text can be seen. I cant adopt any children because of this.
Xadion (3 years ago)
I tried Requiem in its first initial stages...and it's a pretty good mod... at least when you don't play a melee charachter on lower levels.
MacFive (4 years ago)
this is the mod for you if you want to shoot your pc
It Must Be RoofCake (4 years ago)
Will anyone ever get difficulty right? for the most part developers and modders either do one of these four things, rack up the enemy's health, rack up the damage they cause or drop the players damage output and drop the players health all of which don't make a game hard but frustrating and annoying. A true difficult experience comes from being ill prepared and being caught off guard against smart enemies who use tactics and study you which gives you the player a chance to have a true rewarding experience by studying the enemy to find their weaknesses and strengths and using those against them. Should be about skill, logic and chance, every encounter should be like a fight between a spider and a mantis, surprising and entertaining.
Redstone (3 years ago)
+MadastheHatter13 This plus revenge of the enemies makes it interesting. It makes the AI react more intelligently and use abilities and potions. But it's really freakin hard.
MGawna (4 years ago)
Can I use this mid-game? I started a new lets play and I'm already level 24 and don't know if I can use this right now
Rad Dudeman (4 years ago)
Technically, I do believe you can, but there's a bunch of issues that you will get with all your previous saved game and the changes that Requiem brings along. It's heavily--and I do emphasis heavily--recommended you start a new game. Almost everything has changed a little in the game with it.
TheTonyborbony (4 years ago)
I love the font you use, which one is it?
tonzatube (4 years ago)
+Heisenn burgg  Thank you both, was wondering about that too.
Heisenn burgg (4 years ago)
+TheTonyborbony no problem dude!
TheTonyborbony (4 years ago)
+Heisenn burgg You're a champ! Thanks!
Heisenn burgg (4 years ago)
it took me like 30 minutes but i found it, i love it too, here's a link! http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2596/?tab=1&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D2596%26preview%3D&pUp=1
marinoda7ify (4 years ago)
Which one should I choose? Requiem or Perkus Maximus?
Youngerhampster (3 years ago)
+marinoda7ify  Perkus makes gameplay fun and challenging, but not overly hard. Requiem's main feature is deleveling the world, which makes since but also removes challenge at higher levelsPerkus focuses on... well, perks. unlike it's predesseccor, that's pretty much itRequiem seems to be more focused on making skyrim more like a traditional RPG.... Which means grinding...Tho i have never tried requiem, so i can't really recomend it.
Elisa Medeiros (4 years ago)
does this work with perkus maximus
Tatato Biches (4 years ago)
the thing that made me mad about perkus is that 70% of the features are broken/do not work
Vojta Mrlina (4 years ago)
Both are great mods that do things differently. If you think one is better than other you are blind fan.
Tatato Biches (4 years ago)
Requiem is way better than perma
Vojta Mrlina (4 years ago)
of course not perma and requiem overides each other in every possible way
Elisa Medeiros (4 years ago)
Jarl Balgruuf (4 years ago)
Can someone recommend a mod that has similar features like Requiem has? There's a lot to this mod I love but some of it I really don't care for.
Main (3 years ago)
It has unleveled enemies but it also has other features which make the game harder.
Main (3 years ago)
+Jarl Balgruuf SkyDie?
Jarl Balgruuf (4 years ago)
+noah kaner That's not similar at all. Other than being a huge overhaul it seems to go in a completely different direction. Requiem is all about role play while Skyre seems to be centered more or less around game play. It's an excellent mod, don't get me wrong, just not what I'm looking for.
noah kaner (4 years ago)
Mikael (4 years ago)
Hey guys. I like requim`s leveling system but i want skyre`s perks. soo is there a way to only get the levling system of requim? Thx in advance
Luke Brown (4 years ago)
I'd use this if I didn't have so many combat mods that I love that are incompatible.
Foxtrot94 (4 years ago)
Wolves and crabs that make you drop your weapon... realism, eh?
BGsays (4 years ago)
You're not a warrior. A warrior would have a little skill in the weapon hes using. If we average joes fought a wolf exhausted, theres a good chance a wolf lunging at us might make us drop our weapon. 
Chrisfragger1 (4 years ago)
+RandomLord777 Upgraded energy based lifeform Omega Oh well, I am not gonna worry too much, I also never get animal parts like hearts and intestines I hear can drop. I needed a mammoth heart for the alchemy perk and my character is a Nord sword/board heavy armor. You can imagine how fun that is to kill Mammoths I'm sure. I killed 5 and got no hearts, just tusks and standard meat. I had to use console to give me a heart. I figured all is fair, I melee'ed 5 damned MAMMOTHS.
Chrisfragger1 (4 years ago)
+RandomLord777 Upgraded energy based lifeform Omega Requiem
Chrisfragger1 (4 years ago)
+RandomLord777 Upgraded energy based lifeform Omega I suppose. You are right. Though funny enough I get disarm shouted at all the time and I hear the ting sound like I should drop my weapon, but it never leaves my hand. Like I am somehow immune to disarm.
Chrisfragger1 (4 years ago)
+RandomLord777 Upgraded energy based lifeform Omega Did I miss something? What does the disarm shout have to do with this? It's you dropping your own weapon due to low stamina and skill perks in that particular weapon class.
Toothygrin (4 years ago)
can this mod be used with Skyrim redone or does it conflict with the changes in skyre? they seem rather similar
Naeloo Pardayan (4 years ago)
The most brutal,the most realistic,the most cruel but also the most interesting overhaul for Skyrim.Now...everything you do counts.
Darian (4 years ago)
i love playing with requiem but i do have one little issue. ive been trying out the different alternate starts you can use with the alt start mod and no matter what path i pick once i get to around lvl 30 or so my character slows down to a smart walk, ive tried turning off realistic needs and frostfall cause they both can effect how fast you move but nothing works. if anyone has any advice on what to do, if there is anything i can do please let me know.
Thomas Butalid (4 years ago)
Grinding, sigh reminds me of the good ol' WoW days
chaos lord (4 years ago)
this reminds me of one of those mindfucking mmorpg.runescape 

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