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Skyrim: Fire and Ice

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http://www.facebook.com/XboxClassic the new fire and ice powers in Skyrim (11.11.11)
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Cill Bosby (7 years ago)
So you can cast a few spells. Am I suppose to be impressed?
Deven R (7 years ago)
What Ice power was that!! O:-
ContrxL (7 years ago)
don't go setting the place on fire, ok?
Silimus (7 years ago)
cant believe im gunna be saying goodbye to oblivion lol
XboxClassic (7 years ago)
if you guys liked this, about to upload a hell of a lot of stuff
whitelycanCS (7 years ago)
I thought I'd seen everything about Skyrim but this is the first time I've seen this footage. Thanks for this.
cameron e (7 years ago)
Chace Sparks (7 years ago)
Yeah.....Time is definatly slowing down.

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